“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and all of the HirePotential staff for the training sessions conducted for [our company]. I particularly appreciate your ability to customize the curriculum to directly address our training goals and provide the necessary education our employees required. Your approach to training was very effective. The topics that were covered met our goal of enabling our employees to become more comfortable when servicing and communicating with guests with disabilities. I know it wall have a great impact on the quality of service provided at the Center. I highly recommend HirePotential to any organization that needs Disability Awareness Training.” – Adina, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company

“I want to formally thank you for taking the time to making each one of us here feel more comfortable and educated on the special needs some employees may have and how to best deal with them. Our branch has had an opportunity to interview and hire a highly qualified programmer who was blind. With the knowledge you left us, we were successfully able to interview the individual, as well as make him feel comfortable…The program opens many doors for us as a company.” – Andrew, Client

“Communication with people with disabilities really helps to break down barriers [and] stereotypes.” – Kelly, Disability Awareness Training Participant

“[The training] will help me in interviewing, [discussing accommodations with candidates during interviews] and creating a working environment that is inclusive.” – Al, Disability Awareness Training Participant

“I will use the information provided through this training to open opportunities for people with disabilities in my organization.” – Mike, Disability Awareness Training Participant

“I will share information [learned in this training] with co-workers, apply [it] in my personal life when encountering people with disabilities.” – Anonymous, Disability Awareness Training Participant

“Knowledge gained helps ease the uncomfortableness of interacting with individuals who have disabilities.” – Anonymous, Disability Awareness Training Participant


Recruiting and Staffing

“I had resigned myself to the fact that it would a miracle if I were able to find a decent job. Well, my miracle happened when I was hired. A program where the disabled are treated as potential assets and actually hired is priceless. And, unfortunately few and far between. There is no feeling on earth like the redeeming feeling of validity that a good job gives to a disabled person. [HirePotential made that possible.]” – Thomas, Job Seeker

“The candidates that have been selected are an asset to our team and have made a positive impact since day one. I think that this opportunity will shed a light on the capabilities of people with disabilities. I would like to single out a person, [although] his initial training took longer because he was blind and had to learn the program management tool which is very complex, once he was trained he…exceeded all expectations. He has surpassed the number of calls per month for more experienced agents at the desk without sacrificing the quality of the call ticket and his numbers are constantly improving. His sense of humor helps break the ice for people who are uncomfortable of being around a blind person. He sets the pace for any other person with disabilities on this desk.” – Curt, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company

“The program is a complete success and exceeded my expectations by a wide margin, more than I had even hoped for. The people you have sent me to staff my Customer Service Center desk are of the highest caliber and the level of enthusiasm and dedication is something to be showcased and admired. Your Efforts really changed the world as I and many of my co-workers knew it forever. My sincerest thanks.“ – Ed, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company

“I would like to state that this program is very successful within our Customer Care environment. The candidates that have been selected are an asset to our team and have made a positive impact since day one. These people are highly motivated and very enthusiastic in all aspects of the work that is done here. I think this opportunity will shed light on the capabilities of people with disabilities to show that they can overcome obstacles and erase any prejudices or misconceptions that may have existed.” – Carl, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company

“I see value in this program in three areas: 1) Increased employee base for fulfilling projects; 2) Enhanced client relationships with companies who see a “cultural fit” with our commitment to this program and their companies’ goals; and 3) Demonstration and commitment to being an employer of choice.” – Diana, Client

“You are great recruiters, personable, quick thinking, straight-talking and earnest to do the best as well as potential employees.” – Joan, Client

“[We] have long recognized the benefits of a diverse employee base and your company continues to provide us with qualified candidates from the untapped workforce. Your teams’ ability to recruit, qualify and integrate people with disabilities into our environment has given our recruiters an edge in expanding their commitment to diversity hiring.” – Kari, Client, Government Agency



“Provided excellent summary write-up upon each phase of project. The working relationship was exceptional and a pleasure.” – Regina, HPI Client Manager, Large Fortune 500 Company


OFCCP Consulting

I am pleased to recommend Ms. Sheridan Walker, CEO and Founder of Hire Potential.  Our organizations have worked with Ms. Walker on several occasions to assist us with preparing for Office of Federal Compliance and Contracts (OFCCP).  With Ms. Walkers guidance and development of a short and long term plan for Section 503 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Section 508 she was instrumental in helping our organization pass our first ever OFCCP audit in 2010. We have consistently found Ms. Walker and her company to be an important resource for continued compliance and awareness as it relates to business solutions for accessibility, accommodations and employing people with disabilities.  As the laws change Ms. Walker continues to provide the appropriate information to help us provide departments with the information that is needed to update our policies and train our employees.  With the continued approval of new laws Hire Potential is an organization that you will want in your corner to assist with maintaining your regulatory requirements. Shirley Martinez, EEO Specialist Senior, Colorado Springs Utilities


Website Accessibility and Testing

We are very pleased with the work you, and the rest of your team did to provide us with the audit we requested. The audit clearly shows our compliance gaps and what we need to do to close those gaps. The meeting was also helpful to validate the work we have done thus far to make our website more compliant, how we should prioritize our additional compliance efforts, as well as to provide us a forum to have our questions answered. Jeff, Project Manager, Community College

Thank you for a very smooth testing process from your team. Padma, Project Manager, Government contractor, Forture 500 Company 


Tax Credits

$3,000,000 in federal and state tax credits and incentives, 67 locations and 10,000 w-2: “With more than 25% of our locations residing in HUD designated zones, we have done well in the tax credit arena. The minimal effort required to process employees has more than paid off.” Applebees

 $1,950,000 in federal and state tax credits and incentives, 34 locations and 17,750 W-2’annually: “We have great confidence in our tax credit processing services. They are going to find us every possible federal and state credit available.” Heather Clinton, Senior HR Generalist, Jordon Health Services

$1,094,000 in federal and state tax credits and incentives, 1 location and 800 W-2’s annually: “I can’t say enough good things about TaxBreak. They saved me so much! I was afraid it might be too good to be true until my ultraconservative CPA proved me wrong.” Staffers Inc.

 $600,000 in federal and state tax credits and incentives, 2 locations and 1100 W-2 annually: “We have great confidence in all that TaxBreak provides and will provide for us in the future. TaxBreak was able to recover 45% more empowerment zone tax credits from 2006 and 2007 that were missed by our previous tax credit provider. The refund of $400,000+ will come in nicely during these tough economic times. We are very thankful to TaxBreak for the work they have done for us.” Advantage Personnel, Inc.


“I would like to convey how successful the disabilities program has been from my viewpoint. Thanks to Sheridan’s resourcefulness, we have been able to fill positions in a very timely manner. She has developed excellent relationships with counselors at Vocational Rehab and Community Colleges. This pilot program has been an excellent way of identifying an untapped resource.” – Nancy, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company

“Provided excellent summary write-up upon each phase of project. The working relationship was exceptional and a pleasure.” – Regina, HPI Client Manager, Large Fortune 500 Company

“It was a wonderful experience. If or when we need assistance in the future, I look forward to dealing with them again!” – Allen, Client Manager, Large Fortune 500 Company

“[HirePotential] has made a big difference in helping our counselors understand opportunities, identifying for us training needs and presenting candidates to staff and businesses [we] serve. We are pleased to be working with your company and see more opportunities in the future as we refine how we partner.” – Deborah, Government Client

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