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Sheridan Walker, CEO and Founder

Sheridan Walker, Founder and CEO 

After fifteen years of working with people with disabilities, I decided it was time to share what I’d learned with people in a position to make a difference. I wanted to broaden my impact and leave a larger footprint. Specifically, I wanted to empower businesses to open their doors to qualified people with disabilities in the workplace—by educating and being driven by results.

I founded HirePotential in 1999, and assumed sole proprietorship three years later. We are a national firm providing outsourcing, consulting, employment and compliance solutions to Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Contractors and Federal Government Agencies throughout the U.S.. We focus on your current and future employees and customers with disabilities, veterans and the aging workforce—all emerging markets of untapped potential, and growing by the day. We provide the employment, accommodations, accessibility and training solutions that give you access to millions of Americans with disabilities, the baby boomers in their later years—the largest population segment —and veterans with disabilities.

My clinical background is Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist. I’ve worked in hands-on treatment, clinical evaluation and management, program development, employment, staffing and sales. Prior to launching HirePotential, I was employed by Alternative Resources Corporation (A-R-C), a national IT management and staffing firm, to create and implement a disability recruiting strategy. As Program Manager of Disability and Diversity, I sourced and placed people with disabilities, mature workers, welfare recipients, and veterans in A-R-C client environments. In Year One, our program generated more than $7 million in incremental revenue and $250,000 in tax credits for A-R-C. Prior to A-R-C, I worked in the healthcare field, spanning trauma to post-acute outpatient treatment, first as a therapist and later in leadership positions.

In addition to my work with HirePotential, I lecture at national conferences on a variety of topics related to the employment of people with disabilities, including compliance, retention, productivity, risk management, worker’s compensation, and best business practices. Board and committee service has included the National Disability Mentoring Day Committee for Colorado, U.S. Business Leadership Network on the Employment of People with Disabilities, the President’s Task Force on the Employment of People with Disabilities, Colorado Business Leadership Network for the Employment of People with Disabilities, and the Denver Mayor’s Commission Committee for People with Disabilities.

My objective has not waivered. People with disabilities deserve equal opportunities in employment, equal access to the internet and websites, and the ability to access assistive technology for their accommodation.  I would be honored to work with you and your organization to provide a successful, results driven outcomes in the compliance, employment, access and retention of individuals with disabilities.

“I would like to convey how successful the disabilities program has been from my viewpoint. Thanks to Sheridan’s resourcefulness, we have been able to fill positions in a very timely manner. She has developed excellent relationships with counselors at Vocational Rehab and Community Colleges. This pilot program has been an excellent way of identifying an untapped resource.” – Nancy, Client Manager for Large International Fortune 500 Company 

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