Disability Hiring Tax Credit Administration

Are you offsetting your tax liabilities and adding this to your bottom line?

Did you know:

  • Up to 20% of  your hourly workforce may qualify
  • Credits can be worth up to $9,600 per eligible new hire
  • Thousands of tax credit opportunities exist through federal, state and local incentives

No Upfront Cost

Our fees for a tax credit solution are success based. If we don’t find tax credits for you we don’t get paid. It is that simple.

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Through our partners at TaxBreak LLC, HirePotential’s full service tax credit solution can show you how to save money and increase cash flow by offsetting the amount of federal and state taxes you pay.

How We Help:

  • We relieve your company of the administrative hassles of the programs
  • We retrieve all necessary information and documentation to certify the benefits for your company
  • We provide your company with a monthly report outlining the credits earned on each employee
  • We provide secure, real time, online access to your account.

 What We Do:Image of printed spreadsheet with pen on page

  • We take the hassle out of handling the administration and work on your behalf
  • Retrieve all necessary information and documentation
  • Provide monthly reports outlining credits received and in process
  • Provide secure, real-time online access to your account

Most CPA’s do not offer this service due to the day-in and day-out administrative workload

What You Get:

  • up to $9,600 in tax credits per eligible hire
  • Off set your training and hiring cost
  • Time saving and administration
  • Flexible implementation
  • Multiple process – automated, online, manual, integrated or fax
  • Lastest technology – e-signatures now excepted!

We Know Where to Go

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • Empowerment Zone or Renewal Community Credits
  • Indian Employment Credits
  • Disaster Relief Credits
  • State Tax and Incentive Credits (over 1,200 types)
  • Heartland Employee Retention Tax Credit
  • Research and Development Credit
  • Vow to Hire Credit (veterans)
  • Employee FICA Tip Credits

Who we Serve

  • If you hire 100 employees per year
  • If you have tax liability
  • If you are a for profit company
  • If you have high turnover

What are HirePotential’s Clients Saying?

$3,000,000 in federal and state tax credits and incentives, 67 locations and 10,000 w-2: ”With more than 25% of our locations residing in HUD designated zones, we have done well in the tax credit arena. The minimal effort required to process employees has more than paid off.” Applebees

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