Accommodation Call Center For Candidates

Applicant Accommodation Call Center Support Service

Provide 24/7 accommodation support service for applicants requiring online job application assistance.

To simplify, reduce cost, get results, and minimize risk to make your applicant accommodation process fully

What We Provide,

      • 24/7 accommodation service line for applicants who need an accommodation to apply online
      • Off hours coverage
      • call center professionals
      • Monthly Reporting can include:
        • Contact information
        • # of calls
        • Referral Source – (Job Boards, internet search, campus, agency, etc.)
        • # of submittals
        • # of jobs applied
        • Length of call
        • Completion of voluntary Self ID form
        • Accommodation needed (if disclosed)


      • Track recruiting efforts
      • Real time submittal of applicants
      • Minimize risk and liability
      • Successful completion of application
      • Deliver compliance reporting including Self ID form
      • Provide full access to job seekers who require an accommodation
      • Reduced cost

We work with our clients to customize the information needed


      • Define the requirements
      • Design the narrative and flowchart
      • Develop a custom approach for consistent quality, successful, pleasant experience for all
      • Deploy ensuring all objectives have been met
      • Evaluate process to ensure client satisfaction


      • Monthly fee


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