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Since its inception in 1999, HirePotential has been among the top employment and recruitment agencies for People with Disabilities, Veterans, Mature workforce and other Niche Areas. HirePotential has placed hundreds of talented candidates and assisted a wide range of satisfied organizations with their specific needs and challenges related to OFCCP compliance in accommodations, accessibility, recruiting and hiring from the Untapped Workforce. Read some of our case studies and solutions.


Executive Summary:

The Senior Manager of Diversity was interested in launching a comprehensive Disability Awareness and Compliance initiative. The objectives were to determine if The Company was achieving ADA compliance standards and if so, what could they do to go above and beyond the minimum compliance standards. The Senior Manager of Diversity also wanted the company to be proactive as it related to creating an accommodating work environment for people with disabilities.

Business Issues:

The issues/challenges faced by the company included:

  • No clear understanding of the company’s compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • No process in place to assess, procure and implement reasonable accommodations
  • The company did not know how to accommodate people with disabilities when they had large meetings.
  • Web site accessibility

HirePotential Solution:

HirePotential recommended a three-phased approach to implementing the program:

Phase I: Phase one is the most comprehensive and consists of three primary objectives to address the issued faced by the client

The first project objective is to provide management with an analysis of the current operational strengths, limitations and or liabilities related to universal accessibility in the workplace. This analysis includes the following:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Business Process Assessment

The second project objective is to establish national meeting management guidelines for accommodating workers with disabilities.

The third project objective is to establish a training cycle and curriculum for managers and line staff related to disability awareness and sensitivity.

Phase II: Once the foundation is laid, HirePotential will be poised to assist the client in the implementation of Phase II, which focuses on implementation of a proactive disabilities solution pilot .

Phase III: Successful implementation of Phase II would be followed by documentation of an action plan to:

  • Expand disability awareness
  • Integration of program to all US facilities


HirePotential is currently working with the Senior Manager for Diversity in determining when the best time is to implement the program. We are also working with the client to provide a Disability Awareness Training session at their annual meeting. In addition, we are also in discussion with the Director of Staffing and Human Resources to pilot the delivery and integration of the Untapped Workforce.


Executive Summary:

The president of the Mail Division wanted to expand diversity initiatives to include people with disabilities. The Company has a strong diversity program in place, but felt that they could do more. The client was also interested in expanding the qualified labor pool from which they currently recruit. It was decided to pilot this disabilities recruiting program in the northeast and then roll it out nationally.

HirePotential Solution:

HirePotential provided initial consulting and training.

  • Disabilities Awareness Training was provided to all of the managers chosen for the pilot, as well as HR and recruiting managers.
  • Peer Training Module that managers could use to orient their staff on disabilities etiquette.
  • Workplace Assessment of the departments selected for the pilot. These areas include: engineering, customer service, and product support. HirePotential met with the department managers to measure the attitude and aptitude of the current work environment.


HirePotential is currently recruiting for the above positions and defining additional consulting requirements to address assistive technology requirements, project rollout and ongoing integration of the program.

In addition, during the pilot launch, the client was working on a large, state government bid. In this bid, there were federal requirements to employ or support people with disabilities. To assist in winning the bid, the client’s sales team included information on HirePotential and the aggressive diversity program that was being implemented. They also committed to hiring people with disabilities in the sales and technician positions, nationally. HirePotential will assist in staffing these and other positions.


Communications Corporation

Our client is a leading telecommunications company. This new corporation was a direct result of the merger between two large communications companies. The company now employees 259,000 people in over 44 countries.


As a result of the large merger, our client had no effective means of supporting employees who require reasonable accommodations. As a stopgap, all accommodations projects were managed by one employee in the Human Resources department. Due to the large number of people that needed assistance (and in particular a large backlog of projects), and the fact that there was only one person to handle the entire process, the process was inefficient and employees were not being accommodated in a timely manner.

Company Goals

Create an efficient process for providing applicants and employees with reasonable accommodations if a known disability prevents the individual from performing the essential functions of the position held or desired. The new process would:

  • Function consistently regardless of location, job or accommodations need
  • Occur quickly to reduce employee downtime and subsequent productivity loss
  • Take a quality approach to accommodation, to assure a valuable outcome
  • Reduce the amount of work done by internal staff
  • Take advantage of existing vendor, subcontractor and state agency relationships to reduce costs associated with consulting, training, assistive technology procurement and related expenses
  • Use data compiled from previous accommodation projects to streamline future projects


HirePotential’s Technical Accommodations Service. HirePotential implemented a national service level and an efficient process to meet the needs of the company’s employees requiring reasonable accommodations. Our network of accommodations experts, streamlined process and comprehensive project management structure enabled our client to reduce internal staff and accommodate its employees efficiently and effectively. We have worked on projects involving total and partial blindness, total and partial hearing loss, and upper extremity restrictions ranging from nominal to significant/total.

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