Direct Placement

Finding The Best

Combing the country for qualified candidates takes time and talent. Add People with Disabilities to the mix and you’ve upped the ante.  We can help. We’ll manage every aspect of the direct placement process, including:

  • RecruitmentTwo Women signing
  • Pre-qualifing
  • Matching requirements with the applicant
  • Build your pipeline
  • Mirror your process
  • Capture government incentives

Turn Efforts into Results

We make every effort to understand your culture, mission and the details of each position you need to fill.  We tailor our services to help you meet your goals and achieve your affirmative action and business plan objectives.

Why Use HirePotential?

Developing a truely diverse workforce takes committment, energy, and know how – often more than an HR department can handle. We make it our business to be experts in outreach, recruitment, interviewing and accommodating people with disabilities.

This includes:

  • Providing training to support onboarding practices
  • A pool of candidates with disabilities with a variety of skills and talent
  • Building a pipeline that fits your business need
  • Assisting in providing technical accommodations

Skip the Hassle

Navigating the the waters of workforce development and agency programs designed to assist people with disabilities can be daunting. Make it easy on yourself.

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