Below are our Frequently Asked Questions.

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1.   How does HirePotential help companies with the website section 508 compliance and testing directive?

HirePotential can build the 508 compliance directive into a development life cycle with a desktop solution that enables developers and content providers to run tests against their local Web content. We also consult on regulatory standards for Web content, Section 508 compliance status, developing repeatable processes, and many more services to fill your Section 508 compliance requirements. Read more about HirePotential’s Section 508 Compliance Solutions.

2.     How does HirePotential compare with other employment and recruitment agencies?

HirePotential is unique to other employment and recruitment agencies. We provide a proven solution to companies that meet their overall staffing requirements, diversity initiatives, compliance, growth and a return on investment by delivering and retaining qualified talent from the Untapped Workforce. We define the Untapped Workforce which includes people with disabilities, veterans, mature workers, and other niche groups. Read more about HirePotential on our home page.

3.     How can I make a workplace accessible for employee’s and applicant’s with disabilities?

HirePotential’s Accommodation Services can make your workplace accessible for employees with disabilities. We specialize in technical accommodations such as screen readers, magnification software, and voice activation software for all your internal applications. We also provide customized accommodation methodology and process that can be implemented in your organization and limit your liability exposure when accommodating an employee with a disability or limitation. Read more about our Accommodation Services .

4.     How can I make my website accessible?

HirePotential can make your website accessible by providing a full assessment of your website and provide a repeatable solution to any accessibility standard. These website accessibility standards including W3C Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3 Guidelines and Section-508 Guidelines. Read more about Making Your Website Accessible on our IT and Web Solutions.

5.     How can I limit liability when hiring People with Disabilities and Veterans?

HirePotential offers Customized Recruiting Services to assist in finding talent from an untapped market- people with disabilities and veterans. Our Project-To-Hire solutions allow you to evaluate an employee’s on-the-job performance while on the HirePotential payroll. Read more about our Customized Recruiting Services.

6.     Can HirePotential train managers how to hire and work with People with Disabilities & Veterans?

HirePotential offers Disability Inclusion Training to train people how to work with people with disabilities. We specialize in building your training around a diversity workforce. Our training can be customized to benefit C-Level, directors, supervisors, risk managers, hiring managers, recruiters and co-workers. Read more about our Training Services.

7.     How do I make my Applicant Tracking System (ATS) accessible?

HirePotential’s web based accessibility service offers a software solution that can empower your developers to pinpoint and resolve web based accessibility issues for a successful long-term strategy with a repeatable process. Our solution assist companies achieving OFFCP compliance and ADA compliance. Read more about our Web Based Accessibility Services Solutions.

8.     Is my company eligible to get WOTC/ hiring tax credit?

HirePotential can identify if your company is eligible for up to $9,600 per qualified hire though our Tax Credit Administration service. Here are just a few tax incentives:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  •  Empowerment Zone or Renewal Community Credits
  •  Indian Employment Credits
  •  Disaster Relief Credits
  •  State Tax Credits
  •  RIGHT NOW AT LEAST 10-20% of your current hires qualify

Read more about your Tax Credit  Administration Services

9.     How does the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) affect companies?

On January, 1 2009, the ADA AA has expanded the definition of disability. We foresee that this will affect companies that do not have an accommodation process developed and implemented for those who are employees as well as applicants.

This amendment is expected to affect most companies within the United States, and could increase your liability exposure. HirePotential‘s ADAAA Solutions and Accommodation Services are designed to manage your accommodation process and implementation which can assist in decreasing your liability exposure. Read more about how HirePotential’s Compliance and Accommodation Services.

10.  Does HirePotential assist companies in ADA, ADAAA, and OFCCP compliance specifics and solutions?

HirePotential offers full service solutions in web based accessibility, web site accessibility, and technical accommodations to solve your ADA, ADAAA, and OFCCP compliance specific needs. Read more about OFCCP Compliance Solutions.