Disability Consulting Services

Disability Consulting

Is your company inclusive and compliant?

Would a candidate, new hire, or customer with a disability agree? Would an auditor agree? Our consulting services strengthen your processes and procedures, impact your bottom line, and help you attain government compliance and full inclusion for all.

Bridge the gap

It’s not uncommon for companies to show gaps in their employment practices for people with disabilities. We offer expertise in providing you a Gap Analysis to help you find and fix your areas of weakness to reduce your risk and provide successful results. We can uncover areas of where you can increase productivity, expand your outreach, and off set training cost and tax liabilities.  Our analysis strategy covers:

    • Your Business Process


    • Your People Process


    • Your Organizational Structure


  • Your Technology

Get the help you need

Based on a thorough assessment, our consultants provide a strategy, including proven solutions and a realistic implementation plan, to bring your organization into full inclusion and bottomline results.

What Are HirePotential’s Clients Saying?

“[HirePotential] has made a big difference in helping our counselors understand opportunities, identifying for us training needs and presenting candidates to staff and businesses [we] serve. We are pleased to be working with your company and see more opportunities in the future as we refine how we partner.”– Deborah, Government Client

Learn what inclusion really looks like—then achieve it.  

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