Maximizing Your Hiring Tax Credits

Do you know that credits for your business have been in place for several years and it’s easy to qualify? If you hire people AND/OR own you building in a particular zone, you qualify.

Surprisingly, most of these credits go unclaimed due to the fact that either the employers think it will take a lot of their time and effort, or they just do not know about it. Hiring Tax Credits were set up by the Federal Government to incent employers to hire from a diverse market and low income area.

Over $4.2 billion in tax credits go unclaimed each year and only 1% of all companies capitalize on these tax credits. That is a lot of low hanging fruit that’s not being claimed, and it’s time to grab it. In this economy, businesses need to think smarter, and in doing so, they need to look at all incentives out there. Hiring Tax Credits is one of them, and it is easy to claim your part of the pie.

This is for you, if you…

  • Hire people
  • Have or will have tax liability
  • Own your building in a Empowerment Zone
  • Own your building in a Renewal Zone
  • Hire from a diverse population
  • Have high turn over

On average, 10-15% of your current hiring practice may qualify for tax credits. Many businesses outsource their Hiring Tax Credit process to companies like HirePotential, so it saves them time while making them money. When companies outsource their tax credit process, they can see a 75% ROI by only adding 2-3 minutes to their hiring process.


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