Applicant Tracking System’s OFCCP Compliance is Misleading

Generally speaking, companies responsible for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) have not included accessibility in their development of their software. The problem lies in ATS companies’ misunderstanding of OFCCP compliance. When the question is asked to ATS companies if their software is OFCCP compliant, they state, “Yes, we have OFCCP reporting capabilities.” When asked if they are accessible, the common answer is “Yes, we can provide reporting,” or they state that they have no idea what accessibility means.

Because OFCCP is questioned, the ATS companies immediately assume it is about reporting. It is very misleading to the companies who work with government contracts and must have Accessibility Compliance.

Quite often, we find that both the contractor and the ATS companies do not know enough about what accessibility is to ask the right questions to make sure they are on the same page. This causes ATS companies to mislead their clients, because reporting and accessibility are two completely different directives.

It is important that companies make sure that the Applicant Tracking System they use is Accessible and OFCCP compliant. There are companies, like HirePotential, that exist to help you and your ATS Company become Accessible and OFFCP Compliant.

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