Five OFCCP Disability Pre-Audit Actions To Take Right Now!

Five Important Pre-Audit Actions to Take Right Now Image of an Audit report with audit satisfactory checked

As a government contractor, you are measured and must show good faith effort and show progress in the inclusion of people with disabilities. Do you have barriers that limit access to people with disabilities? You should have a plan in place to correct any potential deficiencies.

Here are 5 key pre-audit actions you should be taking now:

  1. Assess Your Recruiting Flow Which Includes Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – To make sure that all applicants have equal access to your job openings, evaluate your resume flow from home page to completing the application process. Applicants that use assistive technology, may not be able to access your website, job postings and submitting their resume.
    Benefits of an Accessible ATS:

    1. Meet OFCCP and EEO Regulations
    2. Save money by reducing the labor intensive manual application process
    3. Be proactive in hiring veterans and people with disabilities – it’s the right thing to do!
  2. Assess Your Accommodation Process and Knowledge – Do you know what an interactive process is? Do you have alternative formats for your recruiting and marketing materials? If you do pretesting, is it accessible? Do you know the most common assistive technology that people with disabilities use? Be proactive rather than reactive. In doing so, you will reduce you liability and improve a candidate with a disabilities experience.
  3. Train Recruiters and Hiring Managers – Create a culture of inclusion and limit your exposure to liability. Prepare your recruiters to conduct successful interview with people with disabilities.
  4. Assess Your Outreach and Recruiting Plan – Build local, state and national relationships with those entities that work with people with disabilities. improve your outreach and reporting numbers. Quality training limits your exposure and helps broaden you knowledge of an expanded talent pool.
  5. Prove Good Faith Effort – By taking proactive action, you are showing good faith effort in complying with OFCCP 503 Regulations. It is critical that you are progressing, taking action and moving forward in the inclusion of people with disabilities.

What gets measured, gets done! By not taking action you are limiting you outreach to people with disabilities and opening yourself up for possible exposure.

If you would like a OFCCP Disability Pre-Audit to determine areas of weakness, we can identify opportunities and implement solutions for you. Let the disability experts at HirePotential be a part of your team.

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