How to Survive an OFCCP Disability Audit

Audits are expensive. Failing audits are very expensive. In the world of social media and rapid communications, the impact of a failed audit can reach far beyond the potential fines and government sanctions. Whether you are currently in an OFCCP audit, you have one scheduled, or you would like to conduct a self assessment – read on…

Actions Government Contractors Must Take to Survive An OFCCP Audit as it Relates to Individuals With Disabilities:

  1. Make sure your online recruiting tools are accessible to people with disabilities
  2. Have an interactive accommodation process for integrating individuals with disabilities into your workforce
  3. Develop and implement ongoing training for all of your recruiters and hiring managers. Make sure they know how to effectively recruit, interview and position people with disabilities.
  4. Self Identification is Key – Change your systems and your hiring process to encourage individuals with disabilities to appropriately self identify.
  5. Measurement – if it can’t be measured it can’t be managed and it can be costly – the choice is yours.
  6. Ensure that your subcontractors are in compliance! – We can audit them for you!

At HirePotential, we have created an OFCCP Disability Audit Assistance Service called Taking A.I.M. We will help you Assess, Implement and Maintain your Disability Compliance Requirements!

Learn More About Taking A.I.M.

Learn More About OFCCP’s New Rules for Surrounding Disability Compliance



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